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Bleeding Green is, in many ways, a product of change. The swan song and final release of Ten Minute Detour’s inaugural lineup, the track explores the need for action and charge in the pursuit of one’s future. The song’s messaging was seemingly prophetic. Shortly after the recording of the track had commenced, Andrew Shier and Jordan MacNeil, Ten Minute Detour’s founding and most central members, decided to depart from their western prairie home and move east in pursuit of newer and brighter opportunities.

The song’s lyrics speak of the need for a person to create his or her own opportunities and experiences rather than passively waiting for the world to find them. The track’s driving rhythm and frantic vocals aim to reflect the frantic and often abstract emotionality that can be spurred by self-reflection. The song’s lyrics were inspired largely by principal songwriter and lead vocalist Andrew Shier’s first sighting of the Northern Lights. In his own words:

“It was at an AirBnb out in the country- just south of Saskatoon. We were sitting out back and, as the sun started to fade, the Northern Lights became visible. It was breathtaking; how vivid and active they were, ebbing and flowing above the treeline. They followed us back to Calgary, and were visible our entire drive home.”

Bleeding Green was first recorded in Calgary, Alberta, at aptly-named Calgary Recording Studios. Recorded mostly to tape, the track’s construction was a process of trial, error, and exploration. The band was afforded the freedom and luxury to explore the studio’s wealth of analog gear, including hand-built synthesizers and a formidable selection of outboard gear. Shier described the atmosphere of the recording and production process:  

“It was a very relaxed and experimental experience, knowing that we had the time and space to really play around with different sounds and textures” 

The core tracks of the single were recorded by a very different Ten Minute Detour than exists today; the band’s relocation to southern Ontario resulted in over half of the group’s departure. However, the band was inspired to revisit Bleeding Green with the help of its newest members as both a tribute and final voyage of an older Detour, and as an acknowledgment of the pointedness of the song’s lyrics. With light contributions from Ten Minute Detour’s newest members, and a revitalized mix and master, Ten Minute Detour aims to acknowledge its beloved alumni, and its bright, hopeful future.

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Kaol Porter & MATT DRAKE
(Funkushima Sound)

Kaol Porter (Funkushima Sound)

Kaol Porter & MATT DRAKE
(Funkushima Sound)

Album artWORK
MaTT DRAKE (Funkushima SOund)

Written by
Andrew Shier
Jordan MacNeil

Ten Minute Detour

Ten Minute Detour

Jason Tawkin (Calgary Recording Company)
Kaol Porter (Funkushima Sound)