Brought together by the winds of change (and a few classified ads), Ten Minute Detour cut their teeth in  a small, detached, heatless garage in Calgary, Alberta. This is where the band  set in place the foundation for Lay It  Down, the band’s debut full-length album.

In the winter of 2017, Ten Minute Detour recorded their second album in Nashville, Tennessee, teaming  up with producer and former Cage the Elephant guitarist, Lincoln Parish.  

2019 saw a lineup change and the relocation of TMD from their prairie home to Southern Ontario. A  move focused on elevating the band through more extensive touring and exposure.  

Pause for one global pandemic...

… and Ten Minute Detour is ready to continue their journey where they left off. Their exciting new record, released in Fall 2022, is an exploration into more powerful, thoughtful, and creative songwriting. Venturing further and further from their garage rock roots, the album breathes an americana folk essence, while brandishing the energy of a band in full stride. In support of their new LP, TMD has once again taken the stage, playing venues across Canada. Recent highlights include selling out The Ironwood Stage and Festival Hall in Calgary, AB, and Mills Hardware in Hamilton, ON in support of the Juno Award winning band Monowhales.

The Band

Golden Tapestry

Ten Minute Detour released their third album in Fall 2022, titled Golden Tapestry. The album is a departure from the bands original Indie Rock sound and takes their sonics in a much more contemporary Alt-Americana direction.

The singles Morningbird, and What Can I Do were featured on Spotify's "Fresh Finds: Indie" playlist as well as the popular curated channel, "Alexrainbird".

The album was also featured at number 4 on CJSW's Top 30 list alongside Reuben and the Dark, The Sadies, and Preoccupations.



What Can I Do

Golden Tapestry

  • 2022 Tour

    Ten Minute Detour hit the road in 2022, profitably touring across Canada, and opened for Juno Award winning Monowhales. In 2023, the band will be performing at the New Colossus Festival in NYC and at other showcases across Canada nd the USA.

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  • Golden Tapestry

    The bands third full length album was released in Fall 2022. Four singles were featured including, Morningbird, On We Go, What Can I Do, and the title track Golden Tapestry

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    Ten Minute Detour is actively engaging on all social channels and posting tons of content. Make sure to stay tuned for all the latest updates on the bands progress as well as fun videos for the whole family to enjoy.

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